The atmospheric sound design is done incredibly well... you’re enveloped by the ambient sounds of her apartment and the New York City streets outside.
— Den Of Geek (Telling Lies)
truly stunning audio and visual design
— TrueAchievements (Quantum Break)
The spookiest and most savvy sound design of the year
— CVG (Alien: Isolation)
...a taut, nerve-jangling experience that makes outstanding use of sound.
— The Guardian (Alien: Isolation)
meticulously lifelike sound design
— Nintendo Life (Need For Speed: Most Wanted)
The sound design is... tremendous, and is one of the major factors in creating player immersion..
— Giant Bomb (Alien: Isolation)
one of the best game audio experiences in recent years
— Venture Beat (Alien: Isolation)
engrossing sound design that keeps you on your toes at all times
— GameSpot (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)
one of the most immersive soundscapes we’ve heard to date...
— Eurogamer (Quantum Break)
The audio in Shattered Memories delivers on all fronts. The voice acting is the strongest in series history, ensuring that the compelling narrative delivers its full emotional punch. Likewise, the fantastically creepy sound effects help establish a thoroughly unnerving mood.
— Nintendo Power (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)