Gladestock Studios' Audio Director Mark Angus is a technically minded sound designer with a background in music production and video game sound design. He has two decades of experience working in sound, and has headed up audio on a number of projects, including the BAFTA winning Alien: Isolation.  Over the years Mark has worked on over a dozen video game titles (including many AAA and Hollywood franchises) for companies such as EA, Sega and Microsoft, as well as television and film credits.

We are passionate advocates for interactive audio, both in terms of achieving cinema quality soundtracks and also surpassing what is possible in linear mediums.  We believe that the best results are achieved through a combination of constant technical innovation and an ear for the highest quality sound effects.

We are currently working on a number of projects - click  below for more details - 

Abandon Ship ( Videogame, 2019 release)
Telling Lies (Videogame, 2019 release)
Slightly Mad Studios Racer (Videogame)

Alien: Isolation

Gameplay footage from Alien: Isolation (2014)

Lead Sound Designer: Mark Angus Sound Designers: Byron Bullock, Sam Cooper, Haydn Payne, James Magee Music: Christian Henson, Joe Henson, Alexis Smith Programmer: Stuart Sowerby

Quantum Break

Early Render Demo of cutscene from Quantum Break (2016)

SFX design, music editing and mix: Mark Angus Music stems supplied by Remedy

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship - Early Access Launch Trailer (2018)

SFX design and mix by Mark Angus Music by Aaron Miller